“All are One” annual art prize

The Cathedral of St Stephen Art Group’s annual non-acquisitive art prize

Opening night and prize announcements are 23rd of June from 6pm. 

The exhibition will be on display from the 22nd to the 26th of June in the Francis Rush Centre, 249 Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD. 

Opening hours are:

Thursday 22/6/2017 preview 12:00 to 5pm

Friday 23/6/2017 10am to 5pm, then from 6pm for the official opening

Saturday 24/6/2017 10am to 7:30pm

Sunday 25/6/2017 10am to 5pm

Monday 26/6/2017 10am to 5pm

“All are One” is the theme of the art prize and is one of inclusion and connection.

The prizes are:

1st prize $2500, 2nd prize $1000, 3rd prize $500, NEW: Print Makers prize $500 

and People’s Choice award. 

Our theme was inspired by Galatians 3:28

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”

And by Pope Francis:

‘Everything is connected. Concern for the environment thus needs to be joined to a sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to resolving the problems of society.’

Laudato si’

The exhibiting artists for 2017 are:

Abramo Papp, Amy de Oliveira, Anne Collins, Ashley Godfrey, Brian Hatch,             Bronwyn Doherty, Bruce Hooper, Catherine Bishop, Cecily Slade, Cecilia Hine,
Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia, Dan Webb, David Nixon, Denise Wright, Ellie Neilsen
Enrique Ramirez, Francis Gilfedder, Gaye Tait, Grace Yap, Janice Milburn, Jennifer Long
Jennifer Simpson, Kathleen Dempsey, Kay Watanabe, Ken Kikawa, Kris-Ann Ehrich
Lucia Ramirez, Lyne Tilt, Malcolm Cassidy, Maria Bowering, Maureen Vander Zalm
Michael Cheshire, Michelle Bowden, Monique Singh, Moreen Neil, Olga Bakhtina
Peter Hunter, Randy DeGraw, Ray Marsden, Rob Crapnell, Ruby Purple, Terry Summers
Tricia Ruest, Wendy Rix

Judges for 2017 are:

Dr Anne Kirker and Mike Mitchell (art director of Mitchell Fine Art gallery)

 NB: Image  “The anguished” bronze sculpture by Kris-Ann Elrich and in background “Opportunity to share” painting by Vivienne Searle. Both from 2016 exhibition “The Good Samaritan”

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