Exhibition & art awards opens 24/6

The finalists have been chosen, the catalogues printed and we are all geared up for the curation and hanging on Thursday.

The judging panel will gather on Thursday night to decide on the winners of each of our art award categories.

Then we officially open the exhibition on Friday the 24th. Come along from 6pm for viewing of the art and wine before the prize announcements.

For the Year of Mercy COSSAG chose the theme:

“The Good Samaritan”

It was seen as an appropriate response to modern times and the challenges of being generous and involved with those in need.

Once more artists have created works of depth that will stimulate thought and commentary.

Everyone is welcome.

(Image from 2015 exhibition “Let there be Light”)


The Francis Rush Centre, 249 Elizabeth St, Brisbane, Cathedral of St Stephen precinct.


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