2016 Art prize & exhibition

The theme for our 2016 Art Prize and exhibition:

“The Good Samaritan”

24/6/2016 to 27/6/2016

We are also proud to announce our new sponsored prizes for 2016:

The CONRAD GARGETT ART PRIZE for best overall work – $2500

The KENNEDY ART PRIZE for overall second, emphasis on spiritual content – $1000

Best work on paper sponsored by ANTHONY STORRY REAL ESTATEĀ $500

Best 3D work sponsored by MULLINS LAWYERS – $500

Best student work sponsored by COSSAG – $500

2 comments on “2016 Art prize & exhibition

  1. Hello. I would like to enter the COSSAG exhibition ‘The Good Samaritan’. How do I get the entry forms and details about the exhibition? Please let me know. Thank you. Best regards, Regina Noakes


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